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What's so special about circle lenses?

Discover how they can enhance your eyes and complete your look!

Popularized over in Asia, circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses designed to enhance your eye’s color, texture, and even enlarge the size of your iris! All of our lens styles have been hand-picked carefully for its comfort, color, and wearability. Although our lens styles ranges from the subtle Nudy Series to the bold Angel Series, our circle lenses are all amongst the most versatile and natural looking styles you’ll find!

About circle lenses
Diameter of our circle lenses.

How our lenses enhance your eyes.

Beautiful, bigger eyes, in a variety of fun styles and colors!

Our circle lenses are cosmetic contacts, which come in a variety of styles and colors. Most of our lenses are 14.2mm in diameter, which means they give you a natural and noticeable enlargement to your iris. From the most subtle Nudy series, to the boldest Angel series, you can customize anyway you want! Best of all, prescription circle lenses are available!

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Safe, comfortable, long-lasting.

Only with our genuine Circle Lenses.

Our circle lenses are Health Canada certified and meet US FDA 510(K) regulation, and completely safe to wear! The contacts contain high water content, and they are maximized for comfort. Using a special dye process, colors and textures are added without sacrificing the breathability of the lens, allowing more oxygen to pass through. The result – long lasting comfort, and gorgeous eyes!

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Proper Care

Keep your eyes and lenses looking great!

As with all contact lenses, we recommend consulting your optometrist before wear. Always use fresh contacts cleaning solution before and after wear to remove any germs and bacteria. Healthy eyes, are the most beautiful eyes! Try our JitterBug Contact Lens Cleaner Machine to deep clean and extend the life of your contacts!

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